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                                                                ----- A bridge gap between  China and Europe

The Chinese medical device market is developing rapidly. Starting in 1978, China reformed its health system from a governmental, centrally planned, and universal system to a heavily market-based one. Market and economic incentives contributed to improving efficiency and quality in health care.

To start a business with China, you need to find the right way and find the appropriate product. 

Meanwhile, to get into European medical market, you need to understand the right window to contact.

Since 2011, Sinomedik B.V. is operating in the Netherlands to bridge the gap between Chinese medical suppliers and European customers. Joined NFU (Nederlands Federatie Van Universitair Medische Centra ),Our rich experience with the Chinese medical market enables us to provide strictly tested and qualified medical equipment from China to top-level hospitals as well as mid-sized healthcare providers. Currently, for example, we are cooperating with University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), as one of the partners in their cost reduction program. We can reduce costs by minimizing the length of the supply chain. By avoiding redundant trading channels and maintaining direct contact with the manufacturer, we are able to save valuable expenses.

Our employees, both ethnic Chinese and Europeans, have years of experience with doing business in China. They inspect the production, sales and distribution of medical devices and make sure all the imported goods are CE certified. Quality is our highest priority. Therefore, our products meet the high European healthcare standards.

Not only do we make every effort to understand our customers’ requirements and put our knowledge into practice to be of outstanding service, we also stay connected with our clients. According to their needs, we select the right medical devices to replace luxury brands, which may originate from the same factory in China.